Why Turinter?

Why should you choose turinter as your partner?   

1 - Modern and Spacious offices, strategically located in the best locations in every region of the island: Punta Cana, Santo Domingo (Head Office), Puerto Plata, Santiago. Offices for customers assistance also located at the major airports of the island. 


2 - The owners of Turinter are professionals dedicated 100% to the development of the tourism industry, always keeping leadership not only in the tourism organizations of the Dominican Republic, but also in the International market place.


3 - Threety five (35) years of pioneering tourism in the Dominican Republic gave us many contacts and friends, specially those that you should have when problems arise. Strategic contacts in all levels of government and the tourism industry.


4 - Well trained staff willing to work hard and assist our customers. They are motivated by the way they are treated in the company. Specially designed financial and health programs give our staff the advantage of solving many of their needs in a developing country, providing the necessary peace of mind during work. The rotation of personnel is very low, giving us the advantage to implement a continuous education program. Knowing that, we all can benefit from this; moral is always high within our team!


5 - Turinter is known in the island as a leader in the tourism industry. It is well respected and recognized by the general public, travel sector and government as well.


6 - Always using the latest technology to improve communication and services. Our offices are fully automated. Please visit our web site at www.turinter.com to get additional information about our services.


7 - Convenient rates. Good value for money. Our services will always exceed the payments received. Keeping our prices competitive without reducing the general quality of service is a must in our organization.


8 - The quality service, our personal and detailed attention to customers is paramount in our organization. We keep a meticulous follow up and use of the best coaches, guides and venues is guaranteed.